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First of all, thank you for checking out this group! We really appreciate your interest in who and what Doctor Stephen Strange, best known for being the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel universe, is.

Have art you'd like to submit? Join the group and give us all you've got! As long as it features characters only in the Doctor Strange verse and pertains to the character of Stephen Strange, it will most likely be accepted.

If you'd like to become a contributor or a co-founder, please don't be afraid to send us a group message via note. :D
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A brief history on Stephen Strange

Stephen Strange, M.D., was once a well-known neurosurgeon, but was very selfish and greedy. An accident, however, caused him to lose such excellent command over the nerves in his hands to even hold a scalpel. Bent on fixing his hands and returning to medicine, Dr. Strange searched everywhere and spent his entire fortune on attempting to find said cure. All he found was a rumour, in which lead him all the way around the world to a rather dangerous environment where he found the one entity that was said to be able to give him back the use of his once-capable hands. Stephen ended up staying in the Ancient One's abode where he meet Mordo (who became one of Doctor Strange's biggest adversaries) and began training in the magic arts.

Of his other enemies outside of Baron Mordo, there is Dormammu, Nightmare and numerous others, though those are the most common and reoccurring in the comics and the animated movie.

Some of his well known items are the Eye of Agamotto, the Cloak of Leviathan, the Book of the Vishanti, as well as the Orb of Agamotto. He lives in the Sanctum Sanctorum with his personal assistant/servant, Wong. Doctor Strange also stood against Tony Stark (Iron Man)'s stance on demanding the registration of Superhumans, siding against those for the mandatory nature of the proposition in Marvel's Civil War arch.

He's the "Master of Black Magic", "Master of the Mystic Arts", as well as once being the Sorcerer Supreme, the latter being his most well known and longest held title, having been the Sorcerer Supreme for a large portion of time in the Marvel universe, although the current story line has Brother Voodoo as the Sorcerer Supreme due to Strange's abuse of his magic.

Stephen Strange first appeared in "Strange Tales #110" and once had his own continued comic series called "Doctor Strange" as well as a few Limited Series Marvel has released, including: "Doctor Strange: the Oath", "Strange" (which retold the story of his origins as the mystic arts wielding man we know of today), as well as another "Strange" which took up after Stephen had passed on the title of Sorcerer Supreme to his successor. He's also appeared in a large number of other series since the time of his creation, some of which being: "The Amazing Spider Man" (during "The Other" arch most notably), "The Invincible Iron Man" (issues #21-23), "Dark Reign: The Avengers", as well as a number of assorted others and will likely be many more to come.

For the official Marvel page on him, visit:…

And please, if you find any wrong information in this, please write me a note with any corrections you might have. Or even if you think there's more to be added! Thank you in advance.








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NeutralHonesty Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012
I am extremely late to the party, having heard about him first from the one animated feature that is about him...Still, he's my favorite character from marvel.
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:D Great! No harm in being late.
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Can I join please?
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Nice to see there is a Doc Strange group here at DeviantArt....I'm a 49 year old Marvel nut and I love most all of their oldest characters....I was disappointed that there is no group devoted to Namor, the Sub-Mariner, however....poor Subby -- he never gets any respect! - LOL
Rex--Magnus Featured By Owner May 12, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Ahhh, well, it always just takes a few people to join together to finally make a group! :D There's always going to be that one character, though, sadly. :(
MelUran Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yeah. If I had the time to dedicate for it, I'd be running one!
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